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Use of Barkkit does not replace veterinary care, animal control or police, or first aid and CPR training. It is meant as an aid only if you decide to respond to a rescue emergency.  Animal encounters involve potential risk, including attack.  Your personal safety is always the priority and you assume all costs and risks for your actions. 

Ready 4 Rescue oval car sticker 

4½" by 3"
$3.00, shipped FREE
Your purchase can AND will help save lives.  Not only can you be a hero to an animal you save with the Barkkit first aid and rescue gear kit, half of Barkkit profits are donated to organizations that positively and directly impact animal welfare.  Thank you for choosing Barkkit!


Barkkit Pro first aid and rescue gear kit

For the professional animal rescuer
SPECIAL! $44.99, shipped FREE

Barkkit first aid and rescue gear kit

For the animal lover
SPECIAL! $17.99, shipped FREE