About Barkkit

Barkkit is a charitable company dedicated to improving the lives of dogs in two ways.  The first is by giving you tools you need to effectively cope with a rescue situation.  One in three pets will get lost during their lifetime, and ten million are lost every year.* The Barkkit first aid and rescue gear kit could help you to reunite a pet with their lost human, or possibly help you to save that pet’s life. The second is by giving back, to rescues and organizations that work tirelessly every day to make the world a better place for the dogs in their care.  The goal of Barkkit is to help the canine community, one dog at a time and many dogs at a time.  Not only can you be a hero to an animal you save with Barkkit, half of Barkkit profits are donated to organizations that positively and directly impact animal welfare.

About Barkkit

Our Story

Heartbreaking pictures and stories about animals prompted us to question: what could we do to make a difference? What could we do to reduce suffering and promote better lives for animals everywhere? After adopting a dog found by a friend shivering in the winter cold on the side of the road, volunteering at a local county shelter, and fostering a dog whose time was almost up, we wanted to work toward making a greater impact.  Later, after encountering a stray, we put together a gear bag to have just in case we saw her again.  The bag contained the bare essentials:  bowls for food and water, some treats, a leash.  The Barkkit first aid and rescue gear kit has evolved into a comprehensive package of quality items, developed with the input of veterinarians, rescue professionals, and people without specific training who wanted to try it out. Barkkit contains rescue gear and first aid gear, so that you are well equipped to save a dog and get to a veterinarian, 24 hour clinic, or rescue organization for assistance.


Barkkit contains food lures and fresh water, bowls, a sturdy leash with collar loop, muzzle, an emergency foil blanket to reflect heat and provide a measure of protection to a car seat, a large fleece blanket, a whistle and flashlight for safety, and a first aid package. All are housed in a convenient drawstring sling backpack that is large enough to accommodate other items you might want to add, yet compact to easily fit in a car trunk, back seat, or wherever you need to be ready for rescue. 



*Source:  National Humane Society, National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy.

Use of Barkkit does not replace veterinary care, animal control or police, or first aid and CPR training. It is meant as an aid only if you decide to respond to a rescue emergency.  Animal encounters involve potential risk, including attack.  Your personal safety is always the priority and you assume all costs and risks for your actions.